Led by Grove Hall Neighborhood Development Corporation with Dudley Square Main Streets; Greater Grove Hall Main Streets; The National Center of Afro American Artists; and Earthos Institute, this project brings together a “constellation” of community actors, designers, artists, city and state leaders, residents, local businesses, developers, historians, humanities scholars and archivists to create this much needed cultural asset. The Trail initiative has the potential to change the way Bostonians relate to each other, to the cultures, to the heritage and to the places of this diverse neighborhood.


• Develop a vibrant economic corridor that celebrates and builds on the cultural assets of the community; express the important, unique and underrepresented heritage in perpetuity; unearth what is important in cultural expression to this diverse community

• Involve community-wide planning in the creation of this economic cultural corridor

• Brand and market the Trail corridor from Franklin Park Zoo to Dudley square to benefit all arts and culture efforts of Roxbury

• Improve visibility and awareness of the Trail corridor to build pride, attract visitors and investment

• Create ways for everyone to contribute and benefit from this cultural infrastructure, especially local vendors, artists and organizations


• Memory Heritage Trail—this trail will run from Franklin Park Zoo to Dudley Square via Grove Hall, providing way finding signs, with public art and history nodes where residents and tourists alike can linger, and access information via smartphones.

• Digital Platform—to make visible the incredible cultural wealth of this community, this project is also building a Web and smartphone platform to highlight significant historical and cultural sites, and archives.

• Trail Swell Public Project—The project team seeks to co-create this Trail with organizations in the community as well as with the public through exhibits, open design meetings, and an interactive website that allows the public to post and retrieve information.

• Scholarship—engaging scholars and archivists throughout Boston to ensure that the deep and broad arts, history, language, literature, and music of this area is well-represented, and to support archiving living history.


Starting in the 1990s, Robert Hector, President of Grove Hall Board of Trade (now Greater Grove Hall Main Streets) worked tirelessly to research and curate a trail map with over 135 historical sites throughout Roxbury to memorialize the history for future generations. His vision is finally being realized after three decades through a collaboration of community and regional leaders and organizations.



We are developing this project in collaboration with the Roxbury community.

We are eager to hear what you have to say!